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Easy to afford – Are you tired of paying the high supply costs associated with your laser printed label and wristband systems? Are you tired of getting too many or not enough
labels? Patient ID XpressTM can save you 50% or more on the cost of laser printed labels and wristbands. Patient ID XpressTM can reduce your use of expensive toner cartridges and reduce your laser printer maintenance costs.

Easy in install – Patient ID XpressTM requires little or no involvement from your IT group to implement. The small form factor Label and Wristband Stations are standalone and not networked to your system (no need for expensive network drops everywhere). The systems are shipped to you ready to use!

Easy to use – Your staff has enough to do without implementing complicated process changes. Simply scan the Patient ID XpressTM Master Barcode from any location and get patient labels and wristbands instantly anywhere in the facility. No more wasting time producing labels and wristbands through your HIS system. No more problems transporting labels and wristbands from one area to another.

Easy to change – Patient ID XpressTM can be used in one department or the entire facility. You determine how you want to implement the system. You control the pace of how you upgrade to Patient ID XpressTM. This is the perfect label and wristband production module to add to any e-forms system.

Easy to keep going – Since Patient ID XpressTM is not tied to your network, it keeps working even when your HIS system is down. As long as power is available, everyone in the facility can produce labels and wristbands.

Easy to stay up to date – Patient ID XpressTM can create a wide variety of current and new wristband types. Why be limited to a minimal amount of wristband options. Patient ID XpressTM even accommodates printing many of the new pediatric wristbands.