There are 301 craft beer fridge for sale on Etsy, and they cost $11.46 on average. It just requires digging a deep hole into the ground. Holds 15 bottles. With an advertised 2.2-cu.-ft. capacity—almost half the size of some other models on our list—this is … ft. Undercounter Beverage Center. No need to take a bottle, just fill your bra full…, The Chicken Nappy, also known as the diaper over the pond now makes it easier for your chickens to b…, Looking for a way to show your love and passion for baseball and cooking at the same time, the Musta…, They might be slightly unattractive, balding and a taboo when mentioned at tea parties but none of u…, A cross between a giant marble and a snow globe the Rheoscopic Balls are mesmerizing and if you like…, Go Cubes are chewable cubes of caffeine (save .50p when buying 3+ packs) To get that much needed caf…, Unit 1 Showroom Store more than just beer and soda in the Bottle Cans Built-in All Fridge 23.88-inch 5 cu. This finish makes the small beer cooler attractive for placement in a home, a dorm, a bedroom, a kitchen, a recreation room, an office, or in an event center. Logan Booker. Beer Safe: a classic. This hole can be underneath your house, in your backyard, out in the woods, or even in a secret spot in the middle of the desert. If you need to hold your beer (or can) whilst keeping it cool then a giant fist is probably the way …, If you like beer, going on holiday and sitting on a beach then this is the towel for you.... or mayb…, Beer Candles don't smell like the morning after - or stale beer, they smell like the night before th…, Use these handy coasters to record your favourite beers, from hue of your brew to its flavour profil…, The heady aroma of your favourite beer in a soap. Plastic framework with handle for an easy pull out, incl. We know the magic of a perfectly cooled bottle of beverage at the end of a long day, which is why we’ve applied our approach to world-class design to our line of beer fridges and beverage refrigerators. Due to its ingenious precision German design the Beer Lift has a hydraulic lift that assists with the lifting of the beer. Because the Biersafe Cooler doesn’t use electricity, you will save energy by not having to store your beer in the fridge. (Stacking the beer safe with beer bottles and cans of different sizes (approx. Well you're in luck, because here they come. The Underground Beer Cooler’s Specifications: The underground beer cooler is 113 cm in height, 22-30 cm in diameter and weighs 12 kg. The Wine Enthusiast Evolution Series is, without question, the best beer fridge you can buy. Plus, by using the Biersafe, you’ll have more room in your refrigerator. It's a beverage center, which means it's designed specifically to hold cans and bottles. With the temperature range from 33°F to 44°F, you can safely store cheese and meat platters, seafood, and other assorted perishables. Share. The majority of beer fridges for sale have clear glass doors instead of a highly mirrored finish. Underground storage is, by definition, buried in the ground. User rating, 4.6 out of 5 stars with 1613 reviews. Sitemap. Using your dirt as insulation, it keeps up to 16 beers cool and content inside a plastic tube that measures just over three and a half feet deep. 00 $329.99 $329.99. SKU: 6257384. You can either get your shovel out or hire an auger from your local hire store. The design of the Biersafe also … great for BBQ's when you can just pull beer from out of your lawn! You guessed it: black. Top comment. Staying at home in self-isolation doesn´t mean you can´t use your backyard or balcony to capture fresh air and bask in the sun for some vitamin D. Alfa Forni have launched the One portable oven for backyard and balconies to enjoy open air cooking at home. Misc. The most popular color? Dutch designer Floris Schoonderbeek, has created the Ground Fridge, an underground cool storage solution, for Dutch brand Weltevree.. Watch a video of the designer talking about the Ground Fridge – here The designer’s description. That happens to be the case here. PSFK LLC 228 Park Ave S PMB 52786 New York, New York 10003-1502 USA ‪(901) 295-9430 Well you're in luck, because here they come. You an use it in your basement as a beer fridge or 2nd fridge.