reserved. This is the first time I'm using combination essence suitable for ingestion, as I wanted to see how different it would feel. This essences is believed to capture the positive spirit of Ancient Yew, Daisy, Iona Pennywort, Rose Alba, Thistle, Watercress and Wintergreen. Live Consciously with us !! It’s based on the idea that flowers have a healing vibrational energy. The remedies are preserved in grape based brandy and are gluten free. Earlier this year I had the pleasure of sitting down with, and as things happen these days, virtually with Wild... Our popular herbal newsletter keeps you in the loop of all things a herb nerd needs – stay connected & sign up below! Rolling Waves HG Tree essence for calming energies. Flower essences have no scent and a very light taste. Including the energies of the Land, Water, Animals & Creation. Search Tips. We’re a lot who are naturally more open to the energies of the world around us than most, making us both more powerful and more vulnerable at the same time. It arrived at the perfect time and I am looking forward to using it from now on. Elder Doreen Spence Receives Order Of Canada, A Peek into Therapeutic Psilocybin Treatment, 21st Century Herbalism to Support Growth, Change & Global Immunity: Interview with Dr. Terry Willard. Psychic Protection contains flower essences of Ancient Yew,Daisy,Iona Pennywort, Rose Alba, Thistle, Watercress & Wintergreen. Protection while playing sports Hyacinth (Hyacinthus spp.) It can also be used to help heal generational wounds that have been passed down. I've been using the Mist sprays for years. Olive - Revitalizer. Flower, Gem & Crystal Essences are powerful tools for inner change & transformation and can help with a whole range of issues; from how you're thinking & feeling in the moment, to deeply held life patterns and blocks in your subtle energy systems. Achillea millefolium, known more commonly as yarrow has long been admired for its protective qualities, dating back to medieval times when folks would hang yarrow above their door in midsummer as protection from evil spirits and illness. Our blends are created using organically cultivated flowers from our farm or from an organic/biodynamic source, if … A combination of gem essences to help to create an emotional shield. Ian White Founder B.Sc., N.D., D.B.M. With 38 flower essences to choose from, you can create and tailor your own flower remedies to suit you. All rights All Yarrow flower essences possess a certain amount of protection energy, but where pink yarrow specialties lie are in protecting the heart. Findhorn Flower Essences, 248 Pineridge, The Park, Findhorn, Moray, IV36 3TB | Tel: 01309 690 129, All prices are in GBP | Working with both the root and heart chakras, pink yarrow is grounding and loving and, therefore can be helpful for our little ones, helping them feel supported, safe and loved in the world around them. Shop balance, clarity, energy and more Protection Set - Flower Essences for Energetic Protection at Delta Gardens: Organic, hand-crafted, healing flower essences Organic © 2021 Wild Rose College of Natural Healing. ... Walnut for protection … Yarrow essence strengthens the aura and provides protection from negative influences of all kinds, including background radiation, psychic attack from negative thought forms and oversensitivity to strong emotional reactions. Calendula (FES) for healing and receptivity, imparting warmth through words. From this preserved bottle you will make your usable forms of flower essence. I would recommend it for anyone who is surrounded by negative energy and is having a hard time getting away from it. As such, we’re prone to letting the world too far in. Its cluster of flowers providing an umbrella of sanctuary and safety for those that need help setting appropriate emotional and energetic boundaries from forces around us. It is pure magic in a bottle. Bush Flower Essences of Australia, like the Bach Flower Remedies, can be used in the CHIREN treatments when working with emotional disturbances. Findhorn Flower Essences. So, every time the essences begin to release buried emotions and thought patterns, your brain wants to intercede and stop the process to protect you from anticipated discomfort or pain For 50 years, the Bailey family have been using their knowledge of flower essences, five elements, movement (yoga and qi gong) and meditation to keep them walking along the path of acceptance and inner growth. The Bach Flower Remedies are made from wild flowers and are safe for the whole family including pets. Angelica archangelica. This is what she said. Becky Starling is a Community Herbalist and College Coordinator with Wild Rose. I personally prefer this to the Mist spray version! As soon I received it in the mail I opened it and used it and was amazed at the feelings it stirred within me. Do you feel that pink yarrow flower essence could be helpful to you? The flower grows at the border of gardens, and its pink floral protection activates the heart chakra, granting divine love and acceptance while offering protection against the infusion of interrupted energies. Copyright 2021 Findhorn Flower Essences | Essence Sprays Welcome the new year with one of our hand-crafted flower essence sprays! Findhorn Flower Essence have the most fabulous,natural and precious products on the market.I have the most inexplicable and amazing results with Psychic Protection,this wonderful spray protects my well being whilst I give reflexology treatments.It smells absolutely … Crystal Herbs Ltd - Your Flower Essence Shop and Resource. Protection & Clearing helps at several different levels to disperse these negative influences and bring a sense of liberation. – creator of the Australian Bush Flower Essences. :). My daughter actually begged to have more and more of the Kinder Garden Flourish blend. In that case, pink yarrow essence can assist in stopping the bleeding or permeating of the aura with the surrounding energetic or emotional environment. True flower essences have no fragrance, dye, flavor or preservatives so there is nothing in them you can react negatively to, or that could interfere with medicines or herbs you are taking. Healing Essences: Agrimony flower essence (Bach) for healing the inner torment hidden behind a happy face and naturally humorous nature. As a flower essence, yarrow’s affinity is for Empathic or Highly Sensitive individuals. Go find Dawn at BLACK LOCUST (Robinia pseudoacacia L.) Black Locust is the key essence for protecting us from outside negative influences - including "psychic attack". A prolific organic gardener and reiki practitioner, Becky creates herbal remedies and inspires and educates folks about plants and their many uses. Flower essences are very safe and can be used by anyone, even children and animals. Yarrow flower essence protects us from other people's energy, negative emotions, electromagnetic rays, radiation and other energies which sap vitality. A strong auric field prevents unwanted energetic intrusions that drain our energy. Giving the essence some time to integrate and work with your energy is essential. Often known as the ‘Master of Blood’ it can help regulate blood flow in the body’s circulatory system and can clear out stagnation. I was introduced to FES flower essences three months ago and I have seen dramatic affects on my daughter. …. She is feeling secure, doing well in school and feels confident in her love from mom and dad. Positive qualities: Feeling protection and guidance from spiritual beings, especially during threshold experiences such as birth and death, or other life passages. Made into a flower essence Yarrow has some very helpful properties that make it a particularly useful essence for many people. Directions. Patterns of imbalance: Feeling cut off, bereft of spiritual guidance and protection; spiritual orphan. Let us know if you have tried this energetic medicine! We grabbed her afterward to explain what they do and how they help. Use the Clearing Spray to release the energy of 2020 and the Protection Spray to create a safe space for new things to grow in 2021! Flower, Gem & Crystal Essence suggestions and information on auric protection and oversensitivity. Flower Essences are subtle and powerful. peace and love x. Flower therapy, or essence therapy, is a form of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM).