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Even looking beyond the characters, there are a lot of reasons to prefer the original Xenoblade Chronicles. 26. It’s the more serious, better paced, and polished experience of the two. I have no idea what this is supposed to make me feel. I made my original effort on the Wii, then again with the 3DS port in 2015. It’s just really annoying they didn’t include a dash button. But Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition is really making the sequel’s faults stand out. 2 can become a massive time sink, especially if you're a completionist or go for postgame stuff. It takes itself more seriously. However, I think that XC1 is a better starting point. ". It is not just a port of the original game but based on a comparison, it feels like a proper remake. Where as XC2 had a MUCH slower start. Back in my review, I gave the game an 82. And before someone decides to yell at me, I have no problem with developers making their games as sexual as they want. I mean, it is a hundred-hour game that I played until the end. But this is the first time the adventure hooked me. Xenoblade 1 is a masterpiece. I know that it has a lot of fans. That said, I can't help but think Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition's new expansion, Future Connected, is going to have significant tie in with XC2. blackjon24 Member. sadly i think my story is the same as most others in the sub too. i don't have $200 to drop on a second hand wii u and the game, id love to play it some day! Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition review - gently re-touched, thoughtfully expanded take on a modern classic Monado grosso. After dozens of hours, I was able to understand and appreciate the combat. But Definitive Edition is looking like a solid improvement that'll at least fix some of the more superficial issues I had with the first game, largely due to it's age. Quite a few of the problems that I have with the original XC1 should be fixed in the Definitive Edition, so it might even be able to surpass XC2 as my favourite JRPG. Go. It connects to the first game, but only a bit, and IMO the connection works in either direction. The two games can be played in any order really, as the plots are mostly separate with only a slight connection, but I would say playing 1 first is optimal. I wasn’t looking forward to Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition, largely because my opinion of Xenoblade Chronicles 2 has soured so much since I’ve played it. The nopon in both games are kind of lame. Jul 31, 2015 624 383 440. But, I think the XC1 hit a little harder for me in terms of story, where as XC2 was good, just not as memorable. Above: Combat in Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition. For Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition on the Nintendo Switch, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Xenoblade Chronicles vs Final Fantasy VII Remake". Remaster month wraps up with arguably the most substantially updated game out of the bunch, namely Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition Trust me, it usually doesn’t bother me. They announced that Xenoblade Chronicles will get a definitive edition on the Nintendo Switch. The upcoming release of Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition is set to get one and, wouldn't you know it, the European version is plain better. Discussions. Watch on YouTube. I’m a JRPG fan, and never played a Xenoblade game. How exciting. Its battle system is much less convoluted. Register today to connect with the games industry, join private networking sessions, and hear the latest on driving game growth and the metaverse. Let’s get back to Pyra. share. How well do Satorl Marsh & Makna Forest hold up in the Nintendo Switch remaster of Xenoblade Chronicles? XC2 is a little bit like Pokémon where you get new blades. But if you insist on a Xenoblade title, go with this Definitive Edition of the first game. Rating: 2. But, I mean, just look at this. Of course, the biggest change to speak of is the upgraded graphics, which fall more in line with the look and style of Xenoblade Chronicles 2.There is also a wide array of other changes, which can be seen below. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is the sequel. [DF] Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition - Switch vs Wii vs 3DS - The Digital Foundry Tech Review. This is my third time starting the Japanese role-playing game. I don't see why not, both games are pretty similar. But, man, the further I get away from that playthrough, the less fondly I think of Xenoblade Chronicles 2. The Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition falls just shy of what one might expect of a full remaster or a remake. At least Dahlia is just a minor character, basically the game’s equivalent to a Pokémon-style party member. Again, his defining character trait is that he’s nice. Definitive Edition plays significantly better. Titillated? Wondering which game you prefer and which game you think would be a better first Xenoblade experience in 2020? Check out the side-by-side video feature above to get a good look! If I got the expansion for xenobladd chronicles 2, Would I see the QOL changes right away or post game? Although, I like Riki more. XC2 is a regular world like any other RPG, has terrible voice acting (and a little bit of good), a convoluted plot where everytime you're in trouble you're magically saved by something novel, a tutorial system that never fully explains the battle system, very confusing maps, and boobs. Is it supposed to be funny? For Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition on the Nintendo Switch, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Was Xenoblade 2 a bad sequel?" Although it’s not entirely necessary, it is best to play Xenoblade 1 Definitive first as there are things that you will appreciate and understand more in the sequel. With definitive edition so close, I'd say wait for it. She almost looks modest next to that ice bunny girl. Prev. For Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition on the Nintendo Switch, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Xenoblade vs Xenogears vs Xenosaga" - Page 3. And, again, I did like the game when I played it. Just look at Pyra, Xenoblade Chronicle 2’s main woman. I’m not ready to review the experience, but there is something on my mind that I wanted to discuss. Plus you can join in on the hype when it comes out in May. Xenoblade 2's a much more depressing and emotional game whereas Xenoblade 1's more akin to a revenge story. But it’s just not as over-the-top as what I saw in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. For Nintendo Switch on the Nintendo Switch, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Xenoblade Chornicles Definitive Edition vs Xenoblade Chronicles 2". But you'll still have gameplay challenges, still be surprised by a few plot twists, still get a sense no other game has given of being on a living being as you progress. But Xenoblade Chronicles 2 annoyed me with more than just the appearances of its characters. The same core engine is used for the Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition remaster. The graphics and tunes being upgraded significantly don't hurt either. How do the two versions compare visually? Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. It's not exactly big on character development (over than shulk maybe) and maybe the graphics and gameplay haven't aged well. The dialog, music, voice acting, story, pace, gameplay, open world, are all about as polished as it gets. Not only is it a better starting point but I prefer it to 2 in every way, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the Xenoblade_Chronicles community, Continue browsing in r/Xenoblade_Chronicles. I currently find myself about 15 hours deep with no inclination to stop. Review by Martin Robinson , Features and Reviews Editor There’s like an addictive element to both games once you learn their combat systems. Play 2 first...because its really good, then play 1 because its exceptional. It's more streamlined, lots of better indicators, visual overhaul is solid, the models don't look like dog shit now. Categories: Media, Consoles. This is a guide to the combat system in Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition for the Nintendo Switch. Thread starter JareBear: Remastered; Start date May 27, 2020; 72 Forums. But fighting in the original feels good from the beginning, and it gradually gets more complicated and rewarding as you progress through the adventure. Above: Melia from the first Xenoblade looks incredibly modest compared to many Xenoblade Chronicle 2 characters. And it looks simply astounding in the new Definitive Edition of the original Xenoblade Chronicles, a sumptuous port of the 2011 Wii game for the Switch that's coming out at … Not so much. Sib Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition or Dragon Quest 11 [Switch] I loved the dq11 demo but Xenoblade looks so nice. Overall the characters are kind of hit and miss, and the side quests I went through are pretty boring. It kind of is, I guess. At least Pyra has a cohesive character design. XC1 handles it's tutorials much better, doesn't take forever to really get going (both the narrative and the combat system) and is overall easier to like for most people. A look at the technology behind Xenoblade Chronicles 2 for Switch. Ultimately, the Definitive Edition looks pretty close to Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and even the Wii U’s Xenoblade Chronicles X. Morag is super dope and so is Nia. Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition is coming to the Switch, which is a revamped version of the Wii original. New Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition screenshots give us a look at various fields of the game, including a comparison vs the original. But Rex is kind of eh as a protagonist. Don't play XB2 first cos you may get burnt out. This Definitive Edition for Switch hits May 29. Personally, XC1 is my absolute favorite game, and I think it excels in many ways over 2. (and you don't need to have played the first to enjoy the second and vice versa) Have a look at it below. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 came out as one of the first major JRPGs for the Switch in 2017. This community is for fans of the Xenoblade JRPG game series (Xenoblade Chronicles, Xenoblade Chronicles X and Xenoblade Chronicles 2). It’s not Shakespeare by any means, but at least the game doesn’t make me roll my eyes at every cutscene. go with one. Shulk is a little boring. Her defining personality trait is that she is nice. Cause u walk slow as fuuuu. Only think I hold against DE is that it's largely 720p and this game would benefit from higher resolution and better draw distances. First Xenoblade is an absolute classic. It depends on what you're looking to get out of the game. Both games are huge massive worlds that are beautifully designed. 1; 2; First Prev 2 of 2 Go to page. I’ve heard it’s one of the best JRPGs, and the recent hype for the new Definitive Edition releasing has got me very interested. The original Xenoblade Chronicles came out for the Wii in 2010. Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition will be hitting Switch on May 29. It is a much newer game, and even this remaster of the original can’t compete with the more vibrant, detailed landscapes in its sequel. Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition has the power of the Switch, which is a dramatic step up from that of the Wii and a wide leap over what New Nintendo 3DS could produce.. Man. But if it comes across as dumb and pandering, it distracts from the game, and it’s just so blatant in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. It's really up to you though, if you look at the trailers or some of the gameplay and one really stands out to you, pick that one. I know, JRPGs have had hyper-sexualized characters for years. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 came out as one of the first major JRPGs for the Switch in 2017. Instead, it feels like a re-release topped with a few extras. There are some interesting dialogue moments tho, that made me laugh my ass off. I’ll just get it out of the way, but Xenoblade Chronicles 2’s character designs just made it hard to take seriously. Xenoblade Chronicles is a lot better than its sequel. by Paul Broussard, posted on 12 June 2020 / 3,365 Views. Start with Xenoblade Definitive Edition. But you can start with either and still have a positive experience with the franchise. I've only played xbc2 and it's my favorite game of all time. This would kinda be like Torna the Golden Country, which was a standalone game, but some of it's heftiest moments were tied to, or set ups for, the base game (XC2). I loved Fiora, and her voice is amazing. It comes housed in a nice … More than anything, it’s just bizarre. He’s not lame tho, he’s just kind of flat. In the early parts of the game, that frustrated me more often than not. Alright so it’s been some time since it’s come out and I’ve played and beaten both games. But even major players have proportions that are ridiculous to anyone who has evolved their standards beyond the original Tomb Raider box art. Xenoblade chronicals X after all of them...because its the greatest Xeno game of them all. Xenoblade 2's a much more depressing and emotional game whereas Xenoblade 1's more akin to a revenge story. All aspects of XC are very well done from start to finish. Press J to jump to the feed. Back in … The two stories are on the same level for me and XC2 has much more enjoyable gameplay imo. Finally, the Definitive Edition will add new leveling options for players, similar to those in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. All she does is support the main character, Rex. So it’s not like I hated it. Personally, I prefer XC2. I played in the English dub, so maybe the Japanese dub is better. Shulk does have very cool moments too, but he does seem so mild mannered, it’s hard for me to relate to him I guess. Both games are amazing. it's a shame x is so inaccessible. Xenoblade 1 is the better game in my opinion, so start with that one. If you haven’t played either game and want a big JRPG to play on your Switch, then I would recommend … well, I would recommend Dragon Quest XI. Almost three years after beating Xenoblade Chronicles 2, I can’t even remember how the fighting works. save. That’s a big reason why I already like Xenoblade Chronices better than its sequel. They’re both good games for different reasons, and they both have different combat systems. Rather than characters automatically leveling up, players will be able to give themselves an additional challenge by choosing to de-level them, with the experience points from those levels going into stock so characters can re-level up later. Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition was just announced by Nintendo Switch. 15 comments. Even the aesthetics are better. Xenoblade Chronicles is a lot better than its sequel. So even if Xenoblade Chronicles 2 wasn’t exactly your thing, there’s a good chance Definitive Edition may be the alternative for you. And don’t worry, she is also a great cook! I played XC1 a few months before XC2, and wasn't really made a fan. Gaming Discussion. I played XC2 first and I just beat definitive edition a couple days ago. I also do not miss the Blades, Xenoblade Chronicles 2’s Pokémon-like system. Also, graphically it feels a bit older in terms of environments, but the story is a bit more captivating from nearly the beginning. Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition is the remaster that this respected JRPG deserves, even when it feels like it doesn’t go far enough in places. Both are incredible games, I like the first one most due to the story. Xenoblade 1 is a longer game with a more serious and event filled story, whereas Xenoblade 2 is a bit shorter in length and is focused on character development. For Xenoblade Chronicles 2 on the Nintendo Switch, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "This or 1 Definitive Edition? If you want to jump into it asap you can't go wrong starting with Xenoblade 2 if you don't mind it's rocky start and then getting DE when it releases, but if you start with DE then go to 2 you'll appreciate some late game stuff a bit more in 2. Nintendo had a big surprise reveal for their latest Nintendo Direct. There's no wrong answer. I personally think XC2+Torna would be a great experience, because it was made to really establish a good foundation for the series itself. To be fair, the first Xenoblade Chronicles doesn’t exactly portray its characters as Quakers. i hope it gets ported to the switch. I don’t like being hard on Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Personally, I prefer 2, but the game does have a bit of a slow start compared to the first that turns away some people. I'd probably recommend the first though, if it's your first in the series. Sib Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition or Dragon Quest 11 [Switch] Close. When it comes to depth, Rex himself isn’t any better. Every hero and villain is a one-note trope to an extreme degree, an almost shocking achievement for a game that’s so long. READ NEXT: Best Switch Exclusives You Should Play Just keep in mind that the two games are different in a lot of ways, and liking/disliking one doesn't mean you'll feel the same about the other. We’ve already seen plenty of comparisons for Xenoblade Chronicles on Switch and Wii, but a video from Nintendo World Report throws the New 3DS version into the mix as well. Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition makes a wealth of small changes to improve quality-of-life, and streamline the overall experience. But Xenoblade Chronicles 2 also leans much more into a cutesy anime look, and its music and voice acting doesn’t hold up to its predecessor. Xenoblade 2 is a very good game overall but it has blaring flaws. Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition reviewed by Travis Northup on Nintendo Switch. Heck, you can even dress your entire party up in swimwear, if you like. It’s like the developers went out of their way to create the ultimate gaming “waifu.” And if you dare to do a little googling, you’d see that they have probably succeeded. Given the rise in popularity with Smash Bros and Xenoblade Chronicles 2, ... Monolith wasn’t playing around when they set out to make this version of Xenoblade the “Definitive Edition”. I’m fine with sexy characters. Archived. Though only very very very loosely connected story-wise. Here we will explain the basic battle mechanics of XC1, such as Arts, Auto-Attacking, Aggro, the Party Gauge, Visions, and Chain Attacks. Definitive Edition has so many small quality of life changes that add up to a big package. (This applies to the old version of the first game). It had a lot going on. For those unaware, we in America will be treated to what Nintendo is calling the "Works Set." Here is a list of all the new and improved content you can expect to see in Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition when it launches for the Nintendo Switch. Now Xenoblade Chronicles 1 has some off moments. I like Pyra and Mythra a lot also. But I got a feeling I'm really going to like DE too. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 wins on some points. A brief comparison of some of the gameplay from the new and old versions of Xenoblade Chronicles. I’ve been hearing it’s the best jrpg of the modern generation. - Page 2. She brims with so much more personality in the game, that it’s a nice contrast to Shulk’s tame personality. Unlocking Blades took forever, and you would get dozens of worthless ones before your nabbed one worth using. But, collecting certain stuff and skills is really rewarding. I almost couldn’t get into XC2 at first. Posted by 7 months ago. Which means you very well might miss out on some of that. If you want to jump into it asap you can't go wrong starting with Xenoblade 2 if you don't mind it's rocky start and then getting DE when it releases, but if you start with DE then go to 2 you'll appreciate some late game stuff a bit more in 2. You still see plenty of skin. A classic Wii title gets ported across to Switch and remastered in the process!
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