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First, is to be a rich man, which I am not. [29] Bormann, Cragan, & Shields responded the same year refuting or dismissing Gunn's criticisms. SCT offers an explanation for the appearance of a group's cohesiveness, consisting of shared emotions, motives, and meanings. Symbolic convergence theory of ernest bormann 1. Symbolic Convergence Theory has been used to study movements such as the Puritans,[20] the Knights of Columbus,[21] American communism, and the Women's movement. A new concept of charging the weapons using body energy is still under research and moving of huge components of heavy objects like spacecrraft using only thought energy is another fantasy type that creates a symbolic cue that many people respond to without slightest hint that it is only a fantasy. Basically, through this study on the Cold War, they see how unrelated rhetorical visions may be combined in to a masterful rhetorical vision providing rhetorical continuity over time.[17]. [11] Bormann sees these fantasy themes fulfilling a psychological or rhetorical need through creative and organized interpretations of events. For instance, the Star Wars Episode II-Attack of the Clones presents Jango Fett who raises an indistinguishable genetic copy of himself as his son Bobba in order to retain the same resilience in the child clone (Kaufman 4). The audience of the Star Wars films associates by default Luke with the savior with the symbol of light while Vader embody darkness. [3], To foster this cohesiveness, dramatizing or using fantasy stories are significant types of communication involved in SCT. Symbolic Convergence is formed by dramatizing messages, fantasy chains and symbolic cues. In the case of the films, the savior of the community was Anakin. Terminus Dramatic event that leads to uncertainty and a need to develop rhetoric to explain the current state of reality. This theory states that individuals tend to believe certain things or think a certain way because their point of … A fantasy type is a fantasy theme that has currency across a large number of rhetorical visions. The SCT method does a great job of directing rhetorical critics to focus on symbolic language. Also key to this stage is the principle of dedication, which asserts that when planned events inspire individuals to act according to the key emotions present in the rhetorical vision their consciousness is raised. A person who tries to betray a group will get a warning not to do so and the people will give him an example of what happened to Anakin after he betrayed his community. A symbolic cue is a word, phrase, slogan, or a nonverbal sign or gesture that works to trigger previously shared fantasies and emotions. The Cold War rhetorical vision allowed theorists to mesh findings of previous SCT studies to discern, understand, and explicate more fully the intricate life-cycle of a rhetorical vision. This theory gives a great explanation of what makes sense to a group discussion and how. [22] It has been used to study political visions such as the Cold War,[17] the New South,[23] and Vietnam war decision making,[24] amongst others. "[10] Fantasy themes are used to construct a rhetorical vision or to dramatize messages embraced by the whole group. In a sympathetic critique aimed at making the theory better, he contends that "SCT does not sufficiently explain why humans are predisposed to dramatizing reality and sharing fantasy in the first place. Man aspires to create a mutual symbolic convergence by resolve their differences to maintain their mutual intimacy and respect. The films ideas and imaginations form the dramatic messages that Bormann discusses. A shared group consciousness also reduces uncertainty by allowing groups to develop an identity that shapes their culture. Originally conceived as a social theory of small group communication, Symbolic Convergence Theory (SCT) can help explain group cohesion in digital communities (Bormann, 1985). A group conscious thus develops from individuals watching the films. Most of the time, these fantasies trigger a chain reaction within the group where they will contribute more and more to the conversation or fantasy. The idea that men and space entities could work together against a similar enemy creates a fantasy type using symbolic imagery that triggers group of cinema audience to interpret the situation as if it were really happening and would happen in future. Fantasy theme analyst focus on the rhetorical visions within varied communities such as a feminist critique looking for patterns of male dominance and how pro-eating disorder messages influence those in that community. For example, people will use examples from the films as they communicate with each other. The film creates a rhetorical vision that people will only succeed after a sacrifice. The principle of critical mass, when a rhetorical vision begins a period of rapid growth, is central to consciousness-raising. A good objective theory predict what's going to happen. It takes the shared fantasies of a group of people, perhaps the audience for a business presentation or a public speech, and examines them for inside jokes and other cues to a shared consciousness. Many people are incorporating the idea in their daily works. Thus, there exists a symbolic convergence instance whenever an action elicits a fantasy that the audience could like to experiment. This period in history was plagued by laws perpetuating racism. Interpersonal exchanges are analogous to economic exchanges where people are satisfied when they receive a fair return on their expenditures. The person might fail to save the situation by himself but he will provide a means to solve the problem at hand. Mutual relationship that exist in the Star wars depict a kind of excellent society that is concern about equitable individual understanding of the shared universe resources and time. By providing known references, they help make sense out of a new phenomenon. Symbolic convergence gives details about how causal processes transform into results. A fantasy theme emerging from this story would be Nixon presenting himself as the American dream. They are consciousness creating, consciousness raising and consciousness sustaining. In Ernest G. Bormann …known as the originator of symbolic convergence theory (SCT) and its attendant method, fantasy theme analysis, which both explore how the sharing of narratives or “fantasies” can create and sustain group consciousness. Em Griffen puts forward arguments that Symbolic Convergence Theory is an objective theory. [13] Images, symbols, dramatizations, and narratives can draw people into a shared symbolic world. In the Star Wars: The Old Republic, When the republic is attacked and defended by the entities, the spacecraft used fly at awesome speeds that create a motion fantasy that fans of films identity with as a truer way channel of connecting space environment. Vision-Declining Fantasies begin to chain out among a collectivity of The mutual fantasy lasted shortly before Darth Maul impaired Qui-Gon (Kaufman 4). The closer the other person’s position comes to a person’s latitude of acceptance, that position will seem closer than it actually is, Social Exchange Theory (Thibaut and Kelley). These fantasy chains may begin, but often do not last very long. Social influence is greater when individuals are more attractive to their work group. The group members can identify with this identity. SCT is often praised and even considered a bit unusual because it meets both criteria for being both objective and interpretive. Ernest G. Bormann; Symbolic Convergence Theory: A Communication Formulation, Journal of Communication, Volume 35, Issue 4, 1 December 1985, Pages 128–138, http It offers a possible explanation for similarities between movie “myths” and opinion trends. [8], Symbolic Convergence Theory is related to attribution theory in that it deals with the human tendency to attribute meaning to signs and objects in order to make sense of them. The principle of rapid implosion asserts that an inflexible rhetorical vision will not decline incrementally, but will implode on itself when the combination of problems, inability to explain rapid change, and contradictory motives become too much for the vision to deal with.[17]. Political symbolism is a balance of the two faces of culture, unlike the other theories (Video notes Spring 2014). We Will Write a Custom Case Study SpecificallyFor You For Only $13.90/page! Here, at, we deliver professionally written papers, and the best grades for you from your professors are guaranteed! People seem to agree to the idea that there are some evil forces responsible for the bad things happening in the world today (Jackson 194). Although Anakin went through many challenges, he at last got training and was able to bring balance to the forces(Bormann 400).The films depicts that sacrifice is important for success. In the first phase, people to come to create a commonality among their group. He incorporated fantasy themes into his theory called symbolic convergence theory, which involves “sharing group fantasies that create symbolic …show more content… Its characters are … All the people having the same conscious about betrayal form the rhetorical community (Jackson 196). [13], A rhetorical vision is a composite drama that unifies people in a common symbolic reality. [13] For instance, examples of American sagas include "the spirit of entrepreneurship" and "the power of the ballot box. 6 Effective Content Marketing Strategies You May Have Overlooked, Market Analysis Definition (With Explanation and Examples). The common thinking that people apply here is in line with the symbolic convergence theory. By shaping their own culture, this can influence norms, roles and even decision making. [5] SCT was first proposed by Ernest Bormann in the Quarterly Journal of Speech in 1972. According to Bormann, the films create an identity to the people who watch the films. Deep affection between Jedi Knight Qui-Gon Jinn and a younger apprentice Obi-Wan Kenobi creates a twin-like relationship that most families or people miss in real life (Kaufman 4). The people relate to the identity through imagination and reality. Symbolic convergence theory by Ernest Bormann suggests that when a group shares fantasies, they create a symbolic convergence. Star Wars: Episode V-The Empire Strikes back details an event in which Obi-Wan’s spirit or ghost mentors Luke. Luke’s mission is to rescue princess Leia and her planet from the empire that represent the dark forces. Over time groups develop a collective consciousness with shared emotions, motives, and meanings" (Beebe & Masterson, 2006, p. 48). Symbolic convergence causes group members to develop a unique group consciousness. In the case of the Cold War, the emergence of a fantasy-vision was necessary after Stalin's speech made clear his belief that capitalism and communism were incompatible and that war was inevitable. A symbolic convergence forms once a large number of people start thinking in the same way (Bormann 398). The urge to own, operate and run a machine of equal strength and functionality as the spacecraft witnessed in the films creates a collective fantasy. The convergence theory in sociology would say that certain crowds are violent because the people who formed the crowd wanted to promote violence in the first place. [13] Some terms that portray a shared group consciousness are a common ground, mutual understanding, created social reality, meeting of minds and empathic communication. The rhetorical community that the film creates is easily identifiable. People assume that hidden evil forces fight for the control of nature. Communication technology use is influenced by workgroup attitudes and behaviors. Although SCT can predict a fantasies will happen, it cannot predict when dramatizing message will trigger a chain reaction. The peak of machinery power versus the power of nature is tested by the wars and the confrontations that face the Republic and the Empire. As they co-create a new vision, their lives take on new meaning and emotion and The symbolic-convergence theory is also known as the fantasy-theme analysis, which can be created in small groups or interaction between two people, thus creating a similar perspective. Social Judgement Theory (Sherif, Sherif and Hovland), A self-persuasion theory defined by the perception and evaluation of an idea by comparing it with current attitudes. (1982). Character archetypes equal create fantasy chain that cause audience to identify with specific heroic actions and force the audience to virtually possess the vigor and heroic qualities displayed by the best heroes. During his speech over the radio, he emphasized how he made his own way in the world and had to work for living. [7] Bormann defines the basic communicative dynamic of symbolic convergence theory as, "the sharing of group fantasies which bring about symbolic convergence for the participants" (p. 4). SCT involves a group consciousness through time and include a description of the dynamic forces that provide an explanation to discovered communication patterns but not when they will happen. [2] It attempts to explain how communication can create and sustain group consciousness through the sharing of narratives or fantasies. Because SCT is a general theory built on the method of natural sciences, it can be applied to many different cultures and timelines. We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. The symbolic convergence theory by Bormann can explain well the convergence that the films create in the world today. The people will expect that betrayal due to love is an expectation even from the person most faithful. Consciousness Rating 4. Most of the people who have watched the films will react to betrayal due to love in the same way. An evolutionary theory can explain the way modern humans evolved but cannot predict the further path of evolution. He also said, "How does a candidate pay for political expenses not covered by the government? The people tend to form a group conscious and think alike resulting in a symbolic convergence. The Star Wars film ideas and imaginations create convergence in the world today. [16], A dramatic event or series of events leads to uncertainty and a need to develop rhetoric to explain the current state of reality. [17], At this stage, communication is focused on maintaining the commitment of people who have shared the rhetorical vision. [6], Bormann and his colleagues at the University of Minnesota introduced SCT as a framework for discovering, describing, and explaining the dynamic process by which humans come to share symbolic reality. The aspect where a certain group of people reacts in the same way to a message is the fantasy chin according to the symbolic convergence theory. The major force in interpersonal relationships is the satisfaction of both people's self-interest. Although the person might take long, or may seem far away, the person will one day come and save the situation. The twin hypothesis extends into sexuality whereby in the Tatooine dramatic pod race, the Troig Fode and Beed is a two united male personality who is two headed, four-armed and bi-lingual (Kaufman 5). Symbolic-Convergence Theory When a group of individuals have similar thoughts about a certain topic in a group conversation, they can relate to similar issues, experiences, and situations. A good interpretive theory offers a new understanding of people. Symbolic convergence theory was created by Bormann in 1972. the movies and the parallel trends in public opinion, cultivation theory and symbolic convergence theory offer a potential explication with at least face validity. The fantasy of the action itself creates a symbolic cue that works to arouse every individual to attain certain psychic capacities exhibited by the actors. Obi-Wan develop the symbolic cue when related with his young apprentice Anakin during the Star Wars Episode II-Attack of the Clones. Human beings are relating day-to-day happenings of the earth to different forces of the earth. [1] Symbolic convergence theory provides a description of the dynamic tendencies within systems of social interaction that cause communicative practices and forms to evolve. The beliefs are what the theory of symbolic convergence describes as a fantasy theme(Bormann 395). SCT isn't concerned with finding truth, but the reaction from the group when these fantasies are shared. Political symbolism links the two faces, culture as a system and culture as a practice, through the symbol (Video notes Spring 2014). I argue that Bronson is a notable representation of masculinity because it [4] It explores the human tendency of trying to understand events in terms of the people involved, who have certain personality traits and motivations, and have agency over how the events unfold. Symbolic Convergence Theory works well for this artifact because there is a high amount of symbolism that makes the movie what it is. [18] The principle of reiteration asserts that rhetorical visions may be sustained by restating the key fantasy themes and types in new manners that fit within the dramatic structure of the vision, along with framing new information within the old rhetorical forms to maintain explanatory power. Although Anakin is strong and has more powers than Obi-Wan, Obi-Wan defeat him because he betrays his own group and falls into the dark side of life. Determining communication malfunctions. People try to be faithful and avoid betraying their groups and communities in order to succeed in whatever they are doing. I, being a typical young adult female, am obsessed with … Most of the people that watch the film seem to have a certain way of thinking. [9] The process of symbolic convergence resembles empathic communication. Symbolic convergence occurs as everyone in the group starts to think towards the same direction. Bormann and his group observed that a group of people dramatized the events that they experienced together. Darth Vader is possessed by the natural greed of an intolerable entity whose desire is to conquer and rule regardless of the ill effects of his methods of war. Bormann compared SCT as similar to Darwin's biological theory of evolution in that respect.The theory even suggests that without shared fantasies, there will be no cohesiveness. SCT highlights the values of rhetorical community by creating a common ground, meeting of minds and empathic communication. The methods of determining fantasy themes, types, and visions create a humanistic approach that is interpretive. In a personal view, the films have influenced the way my friends and I relate to each other. How about receiving a customized one? Would you like to get a custom case study? Six days after the crisis, Nixon addressed the public by radio to respond to the charges against him. Since Bormann asserts that common or collective rhetoric vision is the best way to relieve tension, it is true that people would indulge in talking to their family and mentor ghost partly to relieve pain or tension within the group and find relief to pressing questions and challenges. The films present an idea that in every crisis, there is a person who is there just to save the situation. [27] Bormann noted that one point that SCT lacks is to allow for predication and control of human communication in 1982.[9]. Therefore, these groups will have successful fantasy chains because they have more in common and are able to share more. A good objective theory explains what occurs and why it happens. Through SCT, individuals can build a community or a group consciousness which grows stronger if they share a cluster of fantasy themes. [13], A shared group consciousness must exist within a rhetorical community in order for a fantasy theme to chain out, a rhetorical vision to develop, a saga to exist, or a symbolic cue to imbue meaning. Another possible reason for decline is explained by the principle of exploding free speech, where a significant period of censorship is followed by a deluge of counter-rhetoric. The repetitive appearance of twins creates harmony that the human mind perceives but never realizes in real life.Metaphysical relationships blossom in the Star Wars episodes. I feel that it is essential in this country of ours that a man of modest means can run for President." The communion of departed spirits is a fantasy in religious books that is satisfied in the movie when spirits of Yoda and Vader Anakin come back to help Luke succeed his heroic mission together with the spirit of Obi-Wan. The symbolic convergence theory of communication: Applications and implications for teachers and consultants. Welcome to the world of case studies that can bring you high grades! Jinn immediately knew that Anakin was the one who was to bring balance of the forces. Symbolic Convergence Theory (SCT) is a communication theory developed by Ernest Bormann proposing that the holding of fantasies in common transforms collections of individuals into cohesive groups. Dramatizing Messages: Creative Interpretations of There-and-Then Ernest Bormann classifies cracking a joke, describing a movie, or talking about plans for the upcoming weekend as dramatizing messages. A question that happens a lot within SCT is, "Why do some fantasy themes spark a chain of sharing while other fail?" The Star wars films provide the timeline expansion of technology in nature and machinery. This theory is a form of rhetorical criticism. The film successful reveals a computer generated universe that is quite realistic in visual, motion and action as if the experience is first-hand to the fans. The idea is now a common knowledge probably among all the people that have seen the film. Every star wars film fan identifies with the spacecraft that disperse at the speed of light. Every youth admires a coach or mentor towards a preferred profession to as a wise guide when developing a career in life. … In the world today, many people seem to embrace the idea that different forces control the earth. But I gotta, kn- kn-know what’s your fan-ta-ta-sy Symbolic Convergenc e Theory 3. People tend to argue in line with the thinking that the film depicts (Cragan 84). The common way of thinking of the rhetorical community creates the symbolic convergence that Bormann describes in his theory. The films contain various rhetorical visions throughout the dramatized episodes that make the fans of the films believe in a common symbolic identity and attachment to the environment and space within which the films take place. Whether unintentionally or intentionally, SCT can be seen at work in revisionist history. In the 1976 campaign, the investigators included the relationship between the media messages and the audience effects in their study. By being able to predict the voting behaviors, political representatives could carefully craft their messages for different groups of people before giving their speeches and lectures to best benefit themselves. Symbolic Convergence Theory works well for this artifact because there is a high amount of symbolism that makes the movie what it is. Another idea that the films depict is that the people who betray the others do not win but lose. Symbolic Interaction Symbolic Interactionism originated with two key theorists, George Herbert Mead and Charles Horton Cooley. [13], An example of a fantasy type would be when Richard Nixon was campaigning through his home state of California in 1952. SCT explains that meanings, emotions, values, and the motives for action are in the rhetoric that is co-created by people trying to make sense out of a common experience, such as university life. The most spectacular fantasy chain theme would be when the audience watch how the synchronized partners work together successful and how each reciprocates steadily to enhance their mutual relationship. This theory allows theorists and practitioners to anticipate or predict what will happen and explain what did happen. The symbolic convergence theory, often known as fantasy- theme analysis, is a well-developed theory by Ernest Bormann, John Cragan, and Donald Shields dealing with the … Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Both theories suggest that repeated exposure to the myths and themes of the movies on teachers and teaching should influence an individual's perceptions of teachers and school systems. (See Plato's Allegory of the Cave above) Conversely, unintended convergence of negative social ideas are illustrated by Jonathan Haidt describing the formation of American social and political tribalism.[36]. Communication Theory. "[33] Below are a few points of how and why SCT can be useful in everyday situations. [30] A supporting argument that SCT is a measure of conscious human agency can be seen in the intentional use of rhetoric to create a crafted convergence of a group's perceptions by a religious advocacy group in order to address a specific problem.[31]. After all, communication is the drive that allows groups of people to move towards their goal. The antagonistic war between light and darkness is mirrors the struggle on man between good and evil. [12], Fantasy themes are broken down into the following three forms:[11]. The people derive the idea from the film in the episode that Obi-Wan defeats Anakin. Emergence 5. Obi-Wan, the apprentice youth agonized the loss of his mentor, a situation that created a fantasy of crying for the departed mentor even in the audience relevant. [13] By presenting situations in a form that appears attractive to an audience, or showing that you have an understanding of the stories that group shares, you can speak to their stories and turn their opinions into your favor. He offers autobiographical references which allow him to appear as the average man. The message that the films suggest is what Bormann calls a fantasy. The films ideas and imaginations form the dramatic messages that Bormann discusses. And lastly, the two first points combined will create a sustaining fantasy chain that will last. Symbolic convergence theory (SCT) is a general communication theory that offers an explanation for the appearance of a groups cohesiveness, consisting of shared emotions, motives, and meanings. Journal of Applied Communication Research: Vol. Life Cycle of SCT 1. [14], A saga is the telling and re-telling of the accomplishments and events in the life of an individual, group, organization, or larger entity such as a nation. When issues of power, sexism, role conflict, social rejection and other touchy topics come into play, groups members often find the direct confrontation of such issues to be unsettling. A symbolic convergence forms once a large number of people start thinking in the same way (Bormann 398). The films change a way of thinking of people, their language and form an identity. Double imagery is a film tactic of generating a mirror supportive virtual being as a clone to act with similar power. [17], The end of a rhetorical vision. Presence of the youth-adult relationship depicted as a friendship between a younger man and an older man who acts as the guide. In contrast, Gunn proposed a post-modernist construct working in unconscious, and critiqued Bormann's work as a passing era prior to Michael McGee taking rhetorical study onto issues of ideology. It can help us make sense of a chaotic group discussion when group members speak at one time or go off on verbal tangents.However, Boston College communication professor James Olufowote doesn't believe Bormann's explanation goes far enough.
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