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Some of these goats were more stocky (Pygmys) and some seemed to be smaller built with better milk supply (Nigerian Dwarfs). But she is small, and she produced Goldengrove Lily, a 50 percent Nigerian Dwarf-cross. Treated with selenium at birth. 11 Years. We have 1 Pygmy / Nigerian dwarf goat cross doe for sale. Their travelogue will give you serious, furry FOMO. There Is Also A Colour Picture. Nigerian Dwarf goats are best known for their small frame, beautiful variety of colors and markings and their frequent blue eyes. He loves to be groomed and has super soft fur. Because this is a crossbreed, size and characteristics are dependent on the generation level of the goats. call or email for more pics. Pygmies due to their stockier build are considered the meat dwarf goat and the Nigerian dwarfs are known as the milk dwarf.... Pygmy's do not have blue eyes that is a Nigerian trait. Pygmy goats are one of the hardiest breeds. Sort by reaction score Thread starter josh; Start date May 30 , 2009; 1; 2; Next. They are approved for use in 4-H and FFA projects. You are not going to find a standard for a cross breed unless it has been developed into a recognized breed. I had an accidental breeding. They are all vaccinated. P ricing depending on the animals specific % genetics and contributing sire/dam. Mom is an unregistered pygmy, dad is a registered Nigerian Dwarf, both are onsite. Pygmy goats only come in solid colors such as white, black, caramel, and agouti. I have a beautiful little Nigerian/Pygmy cross doeling available for sale. 1 was a little smaller but all … Go. How much does a fainting goat usually cost? br> Pygmies come in Black, gray, Brown and tan all with distinct markings - Black or Brown leggings, dorsal stripe. Nubian dwarf goats, or mini Nubians, are a cross between Nubian dairy goats and Nigerian dwarf dairy goats, bred with the goal of raising good milk producers in a smaller size. Pygmy/Nigerian Dwarf Cross goats make excellent pets due to their small size and cute factor. Mom is a great milker and an easy birther. 280 Wide & 295 High. 1 nanny and 1 wether. They are the smallest of the milking goats breeds. Sort by reaction score ... That means they can be judged by the dairy goat registry score card the same as every other dairy breed. Nigerian Dwarf and African Pygmy Goats. She’s probably from bush-born feral parentage with Angora in her genetics somewhere. Born July 3rd, will be ready to go to her new home on October 3rd. 5 out of 5 stars (11,065) 11,065 reviews $ 4.00. How … Pygmy-Nigerian Dwarf Cross Goats. He is super friendly, kind with children and adults, gets along well with other bucks and will come up for pets. Loading... Unsubscribe from Sam Truckly? I have 2 Nigerian Dwarf Pygmy cross goats for sale. 49 likes. The United States Department of Agriculture has classified the Nigerian dwarf goat as a certified livestock dairy goat breed. Meet Frankie Rae, a four-year-old half Nigerian dwarf, half pygmy goat who is also a one-of-a-kind pioneer. Goat, Nigerian Dwarf, Kid (female) | white and Black Next Last ••• More options Who Replied? I am purposely setting up a cross breeding program for the pygmy and nigerian dwarf crosses. Producing two kids during the first kidding is far more common with Nigerian dwarf nannies than any other goat breed. The wether was raised on a bottle so he is quite the little pet, he is the one that is wearing the collar in the pics. He has blue eyes and is tricolor. Her human parents have been documenting their travel adventures with Frankie and her 12-year-old dog sibling, Maggie, since June 2016. So far, they have always delivered entirely on their own without any human intervention and always produced healthy kids. My Nigerian Dwarf Pygmy goat had three healthy little girls, first pregnancy, delivered naturally with no aid. Ragnar is a year old Nigerian Dwarf/Pygmy cross goat.
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