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Meaning, pronunciation, picture, example sentences, grammar, usage notes, synonyms and more. It was in vain that Sigismund journeyed to Perpignan, and that the kings of Aragon, Castile and Navarre ceased to obey the aged pontiff. President Hayes endeavoured in vain to induce Congress to appropriate money for a Civil Service Commission; and whenever he made an effort to restrict the operation of the traditional "spoils system," he met the strenuous opposition of a majority of the most powerful politicians of his party. Need to translate "TOUJOURS EN VAIN" from french and use correctly in a sentence? After his fall he created the lower heavens and the earth and tried in vain to create man; in the end he had to appeal to God for the Spirit. Vein is a noun that refers to a blood vessel, a mineral deposit, or a common theme. The peace concluded between the duke of Brittany and the English in September 1427 led to his expulsion from the court, where Georges de la Tremoille, whom he himself had recommended to the king, remained supreme for six years, during which Richmond tried in vain to overthrow him. Las Casas has drawn a terrible picture of the oppression he strove in vain to prevent. Please help me to explain the structure. Of monarchy he speaks with a genuine Ronan hatred, and we know that in the last days of the republic his sympathies were wholly with those who strove in vain to save it. Over the next two decades, owners tried in vain to bring the park back to its feet. The West, with its theology protesting in the background, but in vain, still sings the prayer of the Te Deum: " Vouchsafe, 0 Lord, to keep us this day without sin.". All attempts to arrange a truce between the two intractable conquerors were in vain. Anuj Somany: 2. Vain example sentences, listen the pronunciation, easily copy & paste. During this time he in vain demanded his liberty, and to be called before parliament as a peer of the realm. Southwards they plundered far up the Garonne, and in the north of Spain; and one fleet of them sailed all round Spain, plundering, but attempting in vain to establish themselves in this Arab caliphate. In Boston, then a great cotton mart, he tried in vain to procure a church or vestry for the delivery of his lectures, and thereupon announced in one of the daily journals that if some suitable place was not promptly offered he would speak on the common. The best bit is watching Ali trying in vain to persuade a policeman to let him enter Downing Street ! That way , we will not have come here in vain .そうすれば、今回の 旅行は無駄ではなかった Examples of Vain in a sentence After Vera failed the class, it was obvious her long hours of studying were in vain. 2. 2203565 Tom is vain. Walking back toward the bridge we saw black phoebe and searched in vain for a black-capped vireo. Crossing to the mainland, he tried in vain to raise the clans, and on the 27th of April he was surprised and routed at Carbiesdale in Ross-shire. The chief incidents of Rhodian history during this period are a memorable siege by Demetrius Poliorcetes in 304, who sought in vain to force the city into active alliance with King Antigonus by means of his formidable fleet and artillery; a severe earthquake in 227, the damages of which all the other Hellenistic states contributed to repair, because they could not afford to see the island ruined; some vigorous campaigns against Byzantium, the Pergamene and the Pontic kings, who had threatened the Black Sea trade-route (220 sqq. I tried to convince the other board members, but my efforts were in vain, and they outvoted me. In vain definition: If you do something in vain , you do not succeed in achieving what you intend . 1. adjective Without success; futile. Lacking substance or worth: vain talk. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Synonym Discussion of vain. Charles quietly disappeared; for years Europe watched for him in vain. An old dog barks not in vain . 3. My flight was delayed an hour so my early wake up was in vain. He attempted in vain to secure the election of his grandson Charles. ‘Staff at the prison had tried in vain to resuscitate him in his cell.’ ‘"He tried in vain to resuscitate them but it was too late, " he said.’ ‘The parish council has tried in vain to persuade another building society to open a branch in Pewsey.’ ‘My hands felt slippery, and I tried in vain to calm my nerves.’ 29- He tried in vain to solve the problem. I tried in vain to escape several times from prison. At Sung-Shu the stormers got into the fort, but suffered much from the artillery on the western side of the Lun-ho valley, and were beaten out of it again in minutes; men tried in vain to get up the Lun-ho valley to take Sung-Shu in rear. Hamburg was to remain outside until 1883; but practically the whole of what now is Germany was thus included in a union in which Prussia had a predominating influence, and to which, when too late, Austria in vain sought admission.i Even in the earlier stages of its development the Zoilverein had a marked effect on the condition of the country. Found 154 sentences matching phrase "asking in vain".Found in 21 ms. Dorpat was taken, but countless multitudes were lost in vain before Riga. On both occasions General Campos tried in vain to induce the other commanders to proclaim Alphonso XII. Hatra, however, was besieged twice in vain. For a time Adolph and his friends, who were mainly princes of the Rhineland, sought in vain for a new king. The actors work hard but in vain … Without ceasing to be the congregation of Jehovah, it would claim for itself all the hopes of an ideal state over which Greek philosophers had sighed in vain. Have we come, have we sojourned here on earth in vain? It's not all in vain though, as Piranhas drop diamonds like guppies drop coins. It was in vain that Carlo di Malatesta, a stanch adherent of Gregory, sought at the eleventh hour to negotiate a compromise between Gregory and the synod. 1. adjective Without success; futile. The minister tried in vain to find the commandment which stated they were not allowed to do this. But Supposing The Instant Of The Sun'S Entering Into The Sign Libra To Be Very Near Midnight, The Small Errors Of The Solar Tables Might Render It Doubtful To Which Day The Equinox Really Belonged; And It Would Be In Vain To Have Recourse To Observation To Obviate The Difficulty. His friends tried in vain to obtain his appointment as minister of the marine; and he failed to obtain even a post as officer. It was of Queen in vain that Edward besought her to return and to re- Isabella store him his son; she came back at last,butatthehead and of an army commanded by Roger, Lord Mortimer, the Mortimer. Since then, says their regretful pupil, " less time and less care have been bestowed on grammar, and persons who profess all arts, liberal and mechanical, are ignorant of the primary art, without which a man proceeds in vain to the rest. In vain did he seek to dazzle the tsar by assembling about him the vassal kings and princes of Germany; in vain did he exercise all the intellectual gifts which had captivated the tsar at Tilsit; in vain did he conjure up visions of the future conquest of the Orient; external display, diplomatic finesse, varied by one or two outbursts of calculated violence - all was useless. In vain the papal bull was revoked, in vain the king issued a proclamation commanding the peasantry to return to their homes under pain of death. Her husband, after awaiting her in vain at Ostend, went on to Paris. We worked all night in an attempt to finish on time, but it was all in vain. He died at Regensburg in 937, and his elder son, Eberhard, fought in vain to retain the duchy. 2. This he felt constrained to do, much against his personal desire; and subsequently he attempted in vain to purchase Sims's freedom, and many years later appointed him to a position in the department of justice at Washington. When he recognized his error in having raised the papacy from decadence by restoring its power over all the churches, he tried in vain to correct it by the Articles Organiques wanting, like Charlemagne, to be the legal protector of the pope, and eventually master of the Church. In the 8th century Charlemagne, through the Capitularies, tried in vain to galvanize preaching; such specimens as we have show the sermons of the times to be marked by superstition, ignorance, formality and plagiarism. It was in vain that the French Academy of Sciences offered prizes for perfect disks of optical flint glass. Example sentences. Having in vain attempted to keep a school for girls at Treguier, she left her native place and went to Paris as teacher in a young ladies' boarding-school. even below the level of his old opponents; and that this was not the consequence of temporary depression naturally resulting from the accumulated load of his misfortunes, is sufficiently shown by the downright puerility of the arguments by which he seeks to justify his own successes in the St Helena memoirs, which one may search in vain for any indication that Napoleon was himself aware of the magnitude of his own discovery. Shortly after Murad's accession the emperor Manuel, having applied in vain for the renewal of the annual subsidy paid him by the late sultan for retaining in safe custody Mustafa, an alleged son of Bayezid, released the pretender. The landgrave of Hesse brought the two Reformers together in vain at Marburg in October 1529, and the whole Protestant movement broke into two camps, with the result that the attempt made at Schmalkalden in 1530 to form a comprehensive league of defence against all foes of the Reformation was frustrated. With the assistance of neighbouring princes and of many of the influential Dihkans, Mahmud collected a vast amount of materials for the work, and after having searched in vain for a man of sufficient learning and ability to edit them faithfully, and having entrusted various episodes for versification to the numerous poets whom he had gathered round him, he at length made choice of Firdousi. Definition of vain adjective in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary. Vain, vane and vein are English homophones, but they have separate usage cases that never overlap. He was brought before several tribunals, laughed at, caressed, reviled, menaced, but in vain. Vain example sentences, listen the pronunciation, easily copy & paste. We searched in vain … Bathsheba's influence added a new element of danger to the usual jealousies of the harem, and two of David's sons perished in vain attempts to claim the throne, which she appears to have viewed as the rightful inheritance of her own child. use "all-in-vain" in a sentence We worked all night in an attempt to finish on time, but it was all in vain. In vain did the malcontent princes attempt to set up a new League of Public Weal, the Guerre folle (Mad War), in which the duke of Brittany, Francis II., played the part of Charles the Bold, dragging in the people of Lorraine and the king of Navarre, In vain did Charles VIII., his majority attained, at once abandon in the treaty of Sable the benefits gained by the victory of Saint-Aubin du Cormier (1488). It was in vain to complain, saying, " Every one that doeth evil is good in the eyes of Yahweh," or " Where is the God of judgment ? Could you please stop using my name in vain before I make a scene. Among travellers Eudoxus of Cyzicus occupies a foremost rank, since, between 115-87 B.C. The feud between Italian and Frenchman broke out in a violent form; and it was in vain that St Catherine of Siena proffered her mediation in the bloody strife betwixt the pope and the Florentine republic. The attack of the English failed to make any gap in the line of defence, many knights and men-atarms were injured by falling into the pits, and the battle became a melee, the Scots, with better fortune than at Falkirk and Flodden, presenting always an impenetrable hedge of spears, the English, too stubborn to draw off, constantly trying in vain to break it down. Giving blood is a way to make a difference that will never be in vain. But modern commentators, possessed by the fallacy that Aristotle like a modern author must from the first have comtemplated a whole treatise in a regular order for definite publication, lose themselves in vain disputes as to whether to go by the traditional order of books indicated by their letters and known to have existed as early as the abstract (given in Stobaeus, Ed. During the smallpox epidemic of 1721 he attempted in vain to have treatment by inoculation employed, for the first time in America; and for this he was bitterly attacked on all sides, and his life was at one time in danger; but, nevertheless, he used the treatment on his son, who recovered, and he wrote An Account of the Method and further Success of Inoculating for the Small Pox in London (r 721). He is a good representative of the type of the grands seigneurs holding advanced and liberal ideas, who helped to bring about the movement of 1789, and then tried in vain to arrest its course. (See Hungary: History.) In the 1970s, a Belgian consul in Oldenburg made the mayor of Bruges sign a declaration of friendship which he tried to present, The ball was launched goalward and Wolfgang Weber scored, with England appealing, Governor Spitzer's upstate revitalization plan is a sign that Senate Democrats are not preaching, I am much consoled by the reflection that the religion of Christ has been attacked, That year, Labour MP Clare Short attempted, Harley employed her influence without scruple, and not, His fat body shook like a balatron, as if his soul, biting for anger at a mouth inadequately circumferential, desired, I attempted to pacify her by an indefinite reply to her inquiries, but, The incantation that had never yet failed of its hated purpose was pronounced, After rambling to a considerable distance, they began to feel hungry, but, They attempted to extenuate their crimes by the hardships they had suffered, but, Still the body of Hector lay on the ground, and the men of Ilion sought, There is a spontaneousness about them we search for, With clasped hands, and in ringing tones, Hus begged, He was partnered with Daffy, and for a long time he sought speech with Marjorie, Northerly and north-westerly winds prevailed, and we whistled, Not having been reined up by Mather, it is, If it was bad enough to have grinned through a horse-collar it was very bad indeed to have grinned, But owing to the strength of social democracy in this country, all Reinsdorf's efforts at agitation were, My two years at lectures had not been passed, If he had not said please he should have ho'd and hullo'd, There were three eggs in the inaccessible cliff-nest, and he brought me one, which I tried, That Church was at this time in a state of great disorder, which Calvin had, I have searched the records of their enrolment, These crowds you complain of are evidence that I have not discharged the function of paranymph, On reaching his chamber he laid his hand on every possible ledge and corner for the tinderbox, but for a long time, But day followed day, and still they waited, The Beau tried to preserve his dignity, and throw over his duper, but, Underneath these coherent and indurate ledges the most valuble ores exist, but coal and fossils are searched for, All Charles' efforts on behalf of the pragmatic sanction proved to have been labour spent, He was guardian of the Ridge, and cricket, quoits, and races appealed to him, She struck him, kicked and twisted with all her splendid, lithe strength, but it was, I raved and stormed through the seraglio like one possessed, but it was all, Darius brought to bear on Tarentum all the influence he could wield, but, Even so the Japanese wrestler, who has got a certainty, is temperance itself towards his victim, who writhes, Her abjuration, which by no just title could be called an abjuration, had been, Also the journals of the Commune and the delegates of the syndical Chambers, How he tried all kinds of artifices, as he leaned on his crutch, and all, For had he crashed, or smashed that fragile tube, all would have been, It seemed to her that for months she had been covetously listening for it, All attempts at evasion, at adjourning, at concealing and compromising are, She tried to recall poindexter's words, even her own enthusiasm, but, Deaf is the heart to which the Lares call from the desolate floors, The labors of woolman and his few but earnest associates had not been, I sought for comfort in a Godless and Christless philosophy, but sought, He replaced the pieces on the chessboard, and looked for the explanation of failure, but, And this is another spell against which the shedder of blood for ever strives, And not so much as a sketch-book scrawl of a weary woman seeking rest on knobbly rustic seats, He rode after us with his Lowlanders, protesting, threatening, cajoling, The voice came from a mudded hollow, where a loaded cart stuck fast, an old horse and an old man striving with it, O the words of kindness, all to be expressed, You may count your blessings score on score, and you may heap your golden grain, but remember when her grave is made, your coming will be, Weapons of the most ethereal temper spend their keenness, Here he was assailed by MRA the Tempter who offered him universal empire but, Meanwhile the Jovian fleet will have landed and your efforts will be, If the remontant types are interspersed throughout your garden you need never, between May and October, look for a rose, Scott covered the ground fast, but he searched, For two hours Erasmus Smith, the Boer predicant, argued, Mrs. Robertson, weeping herself, sought to comfort her, but it seemed, How much wine and blood he had poured to intoxicate himself, but all, Having heard his monody to the end, and waited, The men were, of course, inspirited anew by this disclosure, but all was, The innkeeper, more and more out of countenance, searched his memory, Slowly the vessels coasted along the uninviting shore, looking, He gave a signal to the backstop, and then sent in an outcurve, which the batter swung at, She could see the smoke of fires against which the summer rain had warred, It may be that my remedies, so long administered, He came in with cheery look and manly spirit, and tried to reanimate the expiring heart of the poor money digger, but it was all, Rarefaction and condensation by instruments were also tried, but, For what purpose these angular ornaments were intended I, Towards evening he grew fearful of ambushes and hunted vigorously for an hour or so, but, The doctor looked carefully round for other Cairns, but, The doctor kept a sharp lookout for other Cairns, but, I shrieked at his words, hoping the cadi would hear me, but, But, bound as he was, we can understand why they looked, The French explorer, binger, in 1887 sought, He and his men had had days of weary sailing and had sought, It is named Watcher of the Fords,' she answered, 'and it has not watched, When Balfour was in power, we felt that our labour was not, Pray call again as soon as possible, and explain the reason of my having expected this, When we get to Folkestone, you'll be wanting a supper basket.At Folkestone he looked everywhere for his friend, but, Diomed then threw, and his spear sped not, A huge black cloud passed over his head, but, In his fall he pinned his rider to the ground, who called, To which I would add, for the benefit of the profane, that I sought. By skilful negotiations a meeting was arranged, and after pressing in vain for a treaty he was induced to assume charge of the country upon his recognition by the British as amir, with the understanding that he should have no relations with other foreign powers, and with a formal assurance from the viceroy of protection from foreign aggression, so long as he should unreservedly follow the advice of the British government in regard to his external affairs. He means that the logical analysis of demonstration in the Analytics would teach them beforehand that there cannot be demonstration, though there must be induction, of an axiom, or any other principle; whereas, if they are not logically prepared for metaphysics, they will expect a demonstration of the axiom, as Heraclitus, the Heraclitean Cratylus and the Sophist Protagoras actually did, - and in vain. he visited India and the east coast of Africa, which subsequently he attempted in vain to circumnavigate by Celestial globes were made much earlier than terrestrial ones. But it is now apparent that those hopes were in vain. The consequence was that, when not spending himself in vain attempts to solve the impossible problems that have always waylaid the fancy of self-sufficient beginners, he took an interest only in the elements of geometry, and never had any notion of the full scope of mathematical science, undergoing as it then was (and not least at the hands of Wallis) the extraordinary development which made it before the end of the century the potent instrument of physical discovery which it became in the hands of Newton. Snorre the Icelander tells us that the Danes fortified Southwark with ditch and rampart, which the English assailed in vain. Learn the definition of the word "vain-to" and how to use vain-to in a sentence. At the end of the 18th century Baba Mahommed tried in vain to batter down the tomb with artillery. We use cookies to enhance your experience on our website, including to provide targeted advertising and track usage. est 1. Until you can answer that, it's all in vain. You are offline. He was one of the executors of Edward IV. Then, after Syria and China, it was the "great inspiration of his reign," the establishment of a Catholic and Latin empire in Mexico, enthusiasm for which he tried in vain from 1863 to 1867 to communicate to the French. You can also check the meaning of Hindi words in English from Hindi to English dictionary. He was sent as the representative of the insurgent provinces to Paris and London, where he in vain attempted to secure the effective assistance of Queen Elizabeth. They come from many sources and are not checked. Lowe said after his teammates tried in vain to console him. After delivering his message to Nineveh he makes himself a booth outside the walls and waits in vain for the destruction of the city (probably iv. In that year a horde, variously estimated at from two to four thousand souls, with their flocks and their slaves, driven originally from their Central Asian homes by the pressure of Mongol invasion, and who had sought in vain a refuge with the Seljukian sultan Ala-ud-din Kaikobad of Konia, were returning under their chief Suleiman Shah to their native land. The Persian fleet in vain endeavoured to relieve it, and Miletus did not long hold out against Alexander's attack. He was several times a candidate in vain. 2. When Aristagoras held a council of the leading Ionians at Miletus, to organize a revolt against the Persian rule, Hecataeus in vain tried to dissuade his countrymen from the undertaking (Herodotus v. Having taken the speaker's chair and looked round in vain to discover the offending members, Charles turned to Lenthall standing below, and demanded of him "whether any of those persons were in the House, whether he saw any of them and where they were.". Several singles were remixed and re-released in an attempt to gain a higher chart position, or even make the charts at all, but most were in vain. How to use vain in a sentence. Rather than acknowledge him, the duke of Lotharingia-, or Lorraine, transferred his allegiance to Charles the Simple of France; and it was in vain that Conrad protested and despatched armies into Lorraine. In 1816 Vieillot published at Paris an Analyse d'une nouvelle ornithologie elementaire, containing a method of classification which he had tried in vain to get printed before, both in Turin and in London.
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