iceberg lettuce production in pakistan

It is mostly grown for leaves purpose but sometime it is cultivated for seed and stem purpose. Access scientific knowledge from anywhere. Iceberg’s crunchy texture and convenience make … Iceberg lettuce is great in salads, wraps, and a variety of other recipes. beneficial in curing chronic constipation. 210, 160.00). In spring Crop 2 at Mt. Apply well decomposed cow [email protected] ton per acre, and [email protected] kg (in form of [email protected] kg), [email protected] kg (in form of Super [email protected] kg) per acre. The atomic absorption technique has been used in the analysis of tobacco ash and a number of common consumable items, namely water, salt, lettuce and potato, for their content of lithium in view of the apparent medical importance of this element. Twelve years later, Sohail Ahmed has converted the highest ground of the previous yarn factory into a futuristic farm, with kale, rosemary and dozens of alternative greens rising vertically below the crimson glow of LED lighting . It takes 3-4 days for germination of seeds. Lack of training, lettuce were faced by the producers of le, of training is highly faced by the farmers, it popular among farmers, proper training. Carmel, average yield of 13 cultivars was, premature bolting, tipburn, and head rot. You can also use soy sauce, or noodle broth. Showing the production of lettuce in the greenhouse The average pH used for proper growth was 5.5 -6.5 and EC of 2.2 for the entire leafy crop. Butterhead cultivars are most pop, Ermosa, Esmerelda, NancySummer Bibb, Tania e, with a bitter and robust flavor. Its tightly bound and broadly shaped leaves are thick-walled and concentrated with more water than virtually any other green. Plough land for two-three times and bring soil to fine tilth. Agric., Livest. I will increase growth and yield of lettuce. Introduction Mint is believed to have originated in the Mediterranean basin and from there, spread ... Agriculture experts have instructed farmers to complete the sunflower cultivation till January 31 to achieve a better yield. Significantly higher fresh yield of lettuce was obtained from the mulched plants than that of unmulched plants. Dutch iceberg lettuce forms the basis of many salads and dishes. Agri., 14(1): 145-150 (2016)
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