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Is it because it oscillates due to the Sun's movements, or because his powers at noon are so immensly high that they cannot be measured? Vor zehn Jahren trug er eine Ganzkörperrüstung mit einem besonderen, einzigartigen Helm. Age: 380; Weight: 209 lbs; Height: 6’7″ Estarossa is usually very comfortable but he’s much cruel inside. Target: all allies. Power Levels & Abilities Derieri the Purity: Combo Star (52,000) Drole the Patience: Ground (54,000) Estarossa the Love: Full Counter (60,000) Fraudrin the Selflessness: Full Size (31,000) Galand the Truth: Critical Over (27,000) Gloxinia the Repose: Disaster (50,000) Grayroad the Pacifism: Curse (39,000) Compared to meliodas and zeldris who are legit balanced with both magic and strenght, Estarossas power lies more towards physical power including magic (its only 3k ) as well and i dont believe thats … Dort fertigt er Motorräder – per Handarbeit. Due to his ability, Escanor’s power is always fluctuating and cannot be measured properly. Shy, awkward, cowardly, and a terrible fighter, his unique magic, Sunshine, grants him immense power and insufferable arrogance during the day, becoming the strongest member of the Sins at noon Hello guys in this video you can see power levels between Escanor,Zeldris and Estarossa!! Estarossa | Nanatsu no Taizai Wiki | Fandom. Estarossa is usually very comfortable but he’s much cruel inside. Magic & strength are self-illustrative. So Galand is 2/3 as powerful as Estarossa, so even if you highball that fact Estarossa would still be at Large Island level. Confirm. 41 comments. (3,32 times of Meliodas last stated power of 32500, 1,77 times of Zeldris power of 61000, times 1,8 of Estarossa power of 60000) Those are rough estimates coming from not so much information given. Ban handling Hunter Fest to remove Estarossa’s power like he did with Galand has really no effect. Johnson ist Gründer, CEO und einziger Mitarbeiter seiner Motorrad-Manufaktur „Holiday Customs„. Intercepts Meliodas’ Revenge Counter before Meliodas understands it. Black Hound: Using the flames of darkness he creates a big hound which sets everything on fire. The spirit level is a type of control in battle, willpower, etc. Unknown Exploding Magic: Esterossa can make living things around him explode without moving. Full Counter: Estarossa's magical power, it allows him to reflect physical attacks back at his opponent with more than double the strength. Meliodas; Elizabeth Liones; Hawk; Hawk Mama; Seven Deadly Sins. Top-Strongest Wikia is a FANDOM Anime Community. 6 Fairy King You've seen King's power when he was able to pierce through Ban's chest with a single spear strike. The injuries are quickly regenerated. Cancel. Demon Power: Estarossa acquired the abilities and traits of a high-level demon upon gaining a Commandment, and can access his demonic biology and powers to give himself a boost in physical ability and various other advantages. Wikis. Unknown Mutation Magic: Estarossa can turn other living things into demons. Now let's get to the scaling part. 6:16. During the Holy War 3,000 years ago, a certain person reforged Mael and everyone else's memories, giving the Archangel a new identity as a member of the Ten Commandments and the second son of the Demon King, under the name of Estarossaエスタロッサ Esutarossa. He can greatly enlarge the sun by putting more power into it. He also had black pants with matching colored boots. Rebellion: Estarossa can summon black swords from what it looks like another dimension. Demon Form: Accessing this mode gives him a boost in speed, durability, power and other abilities. Estarossa was born power less between his prodigious and genius brothers and was givin commandment which awakened his power of darkness within him, not bought out his full potential. Videos you watch may be added to the TV's watch history and influence TV recommendations. A demon dies if all his hearts are destroyed however after absorbing more commandments even though all his hearts were destroyed he still regenerated. Games Movies TV Video. Cancel. Physical strength: Island level (Has a power level of 60,000, managed to make Escanor bleed) || Large Island level (Broke Sariel's bones by hugging him, stated to be roughly on the same tier as Sariel and Tarmiel) || At least Large Island, higher (Much stronger than … – The Volleyball Anime Show, Learn More About Chi-Chi From Dragon Ball Z. The total power level is not a criterion of who clearly wins a fight, it’s simply a lead to who’s major expected to win. Who do you think is the stronger one???? Escanor's attire is a suit commonly worn by bartenders and although slightly baggy, does appear to fit his non-sunshine form far better than his previous attire. Keys: Base || 2 Commandments Absorbed || 3 Commandments Absorbed. 3 COMMANDMENTS. He can control its movements, using it to strike enemies as well as standing on it and using it as a flying vehicle. The damages dealt by Escanor can be felt from miles away. He has red eyes and gray skin. Mind you this is a human with a base power level of 15 lmao. Commandment "Charity" : Bestowed to him by the Demon King, anyone who holds hatred in his heart is unable to gather strength and deal damage in front of Estarossa. Like his junior brother, he likes killing dragons & Goddesses and hopes of being the best. For instance, someone with a comparatively low power level yet super magic can strike down someone with a great power level if they don’t have a great plan to combat. At lvl 99 i got 15600xp and 15g, so it is a good ideea to turn those bones in before lvl 100. Casually travels faster than Ban can notice or respond to. Can't regenerate the damage he takes but can heal his injuries, if a demon takes too much damage it can't regenerate. Estarossa is a powerful fighter of the Demon Clan, working straight below the Demon King as the Love of the current Ten Commandments. In his youth, Mael … Injured Escanor with it) || Large Island (Is almost on the same tier as Sariel and Tarmiel) || At least Large Island, higher (Much stronger than before, beat both Sariel and Tarmiel with ease), Durability: Island (Tanked attacks from Escanor) || Large Island (Via power-scaling) || At least Large Island, higher (Regeneration makes him hard to kill), Speed: Massively Hypersonic+ (Superior to Galan, managed to jump in front of Meliodas' Revenge Counter and stop it without anyone noticing) || At least Massively Hypersonic+ || At least Massively Hypersonic+, higher (Much stronger than before). Note that Estarossa always has his demon mark activated. He can summon his sword out of a door of some sort. His power right before 12h is 114k, or it is his power at noon? Estarossa is casually island-country level and he can control his power without causing organ failure from exertion. They can’t yet move ahead or direct energy to attempt an attack. About Escanor's power level. Alias/Aka(also known as): Member of The 10 Commandments - The Commandment of Love, Classification: Demon || Demon || At least Demon, Powers and abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Flight, Longevity, Enhanced Senses, Magic, Fire Manipulation, Soul Manipulation, Regeneration (Mid), Attack Reflection (Can reflect physical attacks with 3 times the power), Magic, Darkness Manipulation, Creation (Able to create weapons, shields and wings by manipulating the dark flames), Statistics Amplification (His powers increase during the night), Summoning (Is able to summon 7 blades), Resistance to Matter Manipulation (Resisted being disintegrated to a molecular level) || All previous abilities, Petrification (Anyone who lies in front of him gets turned to stone), Power Nullification (By coating his opponent in darkness he can make them unable to become intangible, nullifies the physical strength and power of anyone who has hatred in his heart, can negate regeneration ) || Everything previously, Physical strength: Island level (Has a power level of 60,000, managed to make Escanor bleed) || Large Island level (Broke Sariel's bones by hugging him, stated to be roughly on the same tier as Sariel and Tarmiel) || At least Large Island, higher (Much stronger than before, effortlessly defeated Sariel and Tarmiel), Attack potency/Destructive capacity: Island (His PL is second only to Zeldris), higher with Full Counter (Can reflect back his opponent's physical strike back with power many times over. Bears on Escanor’s Pride Flare, which immediately disappears Lake Paynes, right at the very close area & come out of it with critical burns but no significant damage. At night, his magic power increases. 108015 total power at noon. At night time, he is even weaker than an average man with his power level measured at 15. Increases physical and magic Ability Power by … Comentado por Ebin Both the repeatable quest and this one require 20 bones and give 7550 exp. The total power level is not a criterion of who clearly wins a fight, it’s simply a lead to who’s major expected to win. He is just behind Zeldris among the Ten Commandments which is extraordinary! Power Level. Power Level: 60000 Animation R 4,759 views. After becoming Estarossa, he lost his Grace which was passed to Escanor by unknown means. Escanor trägt Kleidung, wie sie normalerweise für klassische Barkeeper gedacht ist. Full Power Of Estarossa The Love. Estarossa’s strength is so far away Ban’s Hunter Fest end that he may as well be a bug working to continue Estarossa back. Intelligence: Above average. Characters. Estarossa's base powerlevel is 60.000, together with Galan's commandment who had a powerlevel of 27.000 he was stated to be at a PL of 88.000 in the … Press J to jump to the feed. Blackout: Estarossa engulfs a specific target with his darkness. Blocks Meliodas’ Revenge Counter from initiating. Real power level can be different, because of the mangaka-no-jutsu. Beiträge über Video von alleswasmanbraucht. Bellion is a very tall and muscular man. Weaknesses: He can get affected by his own commandment. Escanor hat einen Schnurrbart und eine Brille. In the wanted poster, Escanor is depicted as a middle-aged man with a beard and a ponytail hairstyle.Escanor has a mustache and a pair of glasses. └ Ability Power boosted by 10 for each increase in Skill level. Meliodas vs Estarossa and Mael Power Levels - Duration: 6:16. Anyone with hatred in their souls will be powerless to attack or cause harm to anyone else. Dieser war nur leider zu groß, um ihm in den Nachtstunden zu p… However this only works against people who know they are lying in his presence, if the target isn't aware that he's lying the commandment won't work. Comentado por haghala at 100, each turn in reward 7g 50s. Estarossa has a power level of 60,000. Killing Saucer: Estarossa creates blades of darkness in his hand that rotate at high speeds which he uses to slice his enemies as they are engulfed in darkness. Commandment "Truth" : After absorbing it from Galan whoever lies in front of him gets petrified. 1,376 Pages. Add new page. He summons 7 black swords, one for every heart of an higher-class demon. Escanor is the Lion's Sin of Pride and the last member of the Seven Deadly Sins to be revealed. Er trug vorübergehend, während seines ersten Erscheinens in der Serie, eine Brille. This is not magic so it can't be nullified with Absolute Cancel. Ban breaks his fingers working to do Fox Hunt on Estarossa’s back. Healing Ability Power 60. Also Read. Mael was one of the Goddess Clan's Four Archangels and Ludociel's younger brother. Dieses Mal geht es um Jared Johnson, den Künstler. Register Start a Wiki. Although at a certain time in the night, his power level becomes as low as 15. By the way, there is something I didn't really catch. Full Power Of Galand The Truth- Explained Full Power Of Zeldris The Piety- Explained, In Seven Deadly Sins, power levels are described as a complete number, the whole being blended into 3 categories: magic, spirit, and, Full Power Of Galand The Truth- Explained, Full Power Of Zeldris The Piety- Explained, Speed Grapher: Don’t Miss This Action-Packed Anime, Discover the Longest Running TV Show Here, A Look at the 5 Most Popular South Park Characters, A Look Back at the Cartoon Classic the Bionic Six, 3 Reasons to Watch the Old Anime Series Yu Yu Hakusho, A Closer Look at the Seven Deadly Sins Characters, Discover Haikyu!! Dudes, when they say Escanor's power is unmeasurable, what does exactly this mean? Bones drop from any beast in nagrand in a fairly decent amount. Escanor at near noon state was able to put Estarossa in a coma with a simple cruel sun. Estarossa has the exceptional capability to turn other people into demons with a single touch, although inconsistent beings will blast. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. He does a modification of Meliodas’ Full Counter that reflects physical strikes at higher than double their real power. Escanor Vs Demon King Full Fight - Seven Deadly Sins - Duration: 8:59. Estarossa couldn't control them but Mael is certainly able to least better than back when he was Estarossa. Mael on the other hand has a strong enough base power level to be able to control 3 commandments. Shwood, eigentlich bekannt für ihre Sonnenbrillen aus alten Skateboards, zeigen uns hier einen sehr interessanten Menschen. To avoid this, cancel and sign in to YouTube on your computer. Took attacks from Escanor and still kept on fighting. He temporarily wore spectacles during his first formal appearance in the plot. When Meliodas was the leader of the Ten Commandments, he wore a white, sleeveless coat adorned by a batch of black X-shaped buttons from all around the high collar, black lining on the coat, a dark red color on the inside, and a coat's tail. Exact formula used for calculations: X×Y=Z×5=P/2 Target: all enemies. Now, going back for a moment to the fact that his power level rises by 5 points per second and seeing how a few seconds pass as he fights and taking into account his maximum theoretical power of 648,015. Heals HP. In Seven Deadly Sins, power levels are described as a complete number, the whole being blended into 3 categories: magic, spirit, and strength. Increases physical and magic Ability Power of damage taken by 40 for 80 seconds. Auf dem Fahndungsplakat ist Escanor als Mann mittleren Alters mit Bart und Pferdeschwanz dargestellt. He is a calm and skilled fighter, however after absorbing more commandments his mind became unstable. Sein Löwensymbol ist auf seinem Rücken. Up Next. Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search This wiki This wiki All wikis | Sign In Don't have an account? Vampire Hunter D Complete Respect Thread and Explanations, "What A Beautiful" Verse Explanations & Feats, Rune King Thor, Yggdrasil, & TWSAIS Explanation, Mortal Kombat vs DC Canonicity Explanation, Stamina: High. Power Level: In Seven Deadly Sins, power levels are described as a complete number, the whole being blended into 3 categories: magic, spirit, and strength. Maelマエル is one of the Four Archangels of the Goddess Clan. Like his junior brother, he likes killing dragons & Goddesses and hopes of being the best. spoiler. Cruel Sun: Mael forms a miniature sun in his hand that radiates immense heat. Next, he releases his power through his divine axe Rhitta and Gloxinia comments that his power level spiked at that instant to Estarossa's level of around 60,000. Boar Hat. This Meliodas has a power level of 56 000 and his brother, Estarossa, 61 000. His hair color is purple (white in the anime), and resembles Ban's hair from his wanted poster. He is the Demon King’s 2nd son. Target: all allies. Her official power level is mentioned to be 1,925 but it's pretty obvious that her abilities are a force to be reckoned with. He also has a red ring-like mark on his chin. He contains a target using his blackness, like Escanor’s little sun. Nanatsu no Taizai Wiki.
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